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>>>Deep Immersion™

Deep Immersion™ is the fastest way to learn German and is recommended for all students from intermediate to proficient level. It is taught one to one or in small groups of a maximum of 3 students.

Deep Immersion™ takes German lessons outside the classroom and allows the student to immerse him- or herself in the German language over a longer period of time. Most importantly the student builds a command of the language in 'real-world' situations, naturally increasing the speed and depth of learning.

Typically Deep Immersion™ Teaching consists of one to several teaching days, 4 or 7 hours long, during which students and teacher meet for breakfast, explore a gallery and a museum, visit a restaurant, take a walk in a park, have a coffee, visit some stores and a supermarket and have dinner. However, the exact route is decided between student and teacher according to interest.

If required, accomodation arrangements can be provided. Please contact Daniel Roob for further information.