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Do you think German is a difficult language? Do you feel you just can't get your head around it? The harder you try, the more frustrating it becomes?

Learning German doesn't have to be like that!

Like any other language, German is an easy language to learn if you are a child. Children do NOT consciously break down the elements of a language and attempt to remember and then compute them in a boring and highly ineffective way. Instead they use and play with language right from the start. They never sit down over tables of words to remember, instead they build an understanding of grammar and vocabulary through using the language. This is why "learning" a language is so easy for them. In fact, they never try to learn a language, they simply use it.

In his lessons German teacher Daniel Roob uses this completely natural and therefore highly effective system to help the student build a command of the language whilst having fun and a great sense of achievement on the way.

Through simple dialogue with the teacher and associative explanations, where appropriate, the student immediately gains ownership of German from the first lesson on.
Step by step sentence constructions become more demanding corresponding to the student's progress. Eventually the student will have an excellent command of the language without ever having had to memorize anything.